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I grew up on or around the waters of the Pacific Northwest, I remember as a young lad exploring the San Juan Islands with my parents in a 16’ ski boat for weeks at a time and loving it! I got my start in outdoor recreation/education in Explorer Search and Rescue when I was 15 years old. It is here where I discovered my passion for the outdoors and deep respect for nature. 

I inevitably got older and more mature and wanting to do something with my life I joined the US Coast Guard. I served as a Boatswains Mate, Heavy Weather Coxswain, operating the 47' Motor Lifeboat's at Westport, WA and Bodega Bay, CA.

After I completed my 4 year tour and returned to the Pacific Northwest, I put myself through Paramedic School and I am currently working as a Firefighter/Paramedic for a local fire district.

I took up paddling in 2009 with the Tacoma Mountaineers and have been fortunate enough to paddle with some amazing people that have shared their passion of paddling with me.

I am now an ACA Level 5 Sea Kayak Instructor and a BCU 4 Star Leader. I love to go paddling anytime anywhere under just about any conditions. My true passion lies in coastal paddling and experiencing the power and beauty that can only be found on a coastal trip.

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Tacoma, WA. USA

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