This information is designed to provide basic information to help you in choosing appropriate paddle trips for your level of experience. The information may be old and outdated and I would encourage you to use several resources when a trip in unfamiliar areas. As always you are responsible for the safe operation and navigation of your own vessel. Happy Paddling!

  • Paddling around Mercer Island is a great way to spend a couple of hours on the weekend. You get to pass by multi million dollar homes, and world class motor yachts its like watching MTV's Cribs from your Kayak in full HD.

    There are numerous launch points around Mercer Island. I have highlighted a few that you can drive up to and have a short carry to the water. Whether you choose to go clockwise or counter clockwise is your choice but I would recommend trying to finish the day with a tail wind if at all possible.

    Much of Mercer islands shoreline s private land and residents do not take lightly to you landing. 2 good rest spots are at Seward Park on the north end of the peninsula and at Clarke Beach Park on the SE side of Mercer Island. There are a couple of other smaller parks on Mercer Island if you can find them.


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    Be mindful of the weather there have been many mishaps on this lake because people didn't pay attention to changing conditions.

  • Distance:
    • 12 NM
    Radio Channels:
    • VHF 16


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