Video gallery

The obvious objective of videos are to entertain people by surprising them with new experiences.

2017 Hobuck Hoedown


Rosario Strait Time Lapse

Cypress Head Time Lapse

Gordies Pirouette

Jordan River 1st visit

BIG Day @ Deception Pass

Beautiful Cape Flattery

Strawberry Rock Humbled Pie

Skookumchuck 09/2014

Caving Cape Flattery

Surfing Hobuck 08/2014

Deception Pass 06/2014

Brisco Point Surfing

Surge Narrows 06/2014

Skookumchuck 05/2014

Party Wave

Skookumchuck 04/2014

Deception Pass 03/2014

La Push Pummel 2014

Crescent Beach 11/13/2013

Crescent Beach 11/08/2013

Crescent Beach 10/2013

Crescent Beach 10/2013

Crescent Beach 09/2013

West Coast Vancouver Island

Hobuck Beach

Dancing with Whirpools

Skookumchuck Cherry Popped!

La Push Pummel 2013

Deception Pass 03/2013

GGSKS Film of Year 2013

WA Coastal Journey 2012

Deception Pass 12/2012


Columbia RIver Play Day

Lyre River to Freshwater Bay

Surfing at Hobuck

Underwater World

GGSKS 2012

Jelly Fish totten Inlet

Juan De Fuca Pillars

WA Coastal Journey 2011

1st Surf Session Ever!